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16 Adorable Things Your Bad Roommate Does

Classic him. Celebrate the little quirks of your bad roommate and buddy up to watch MTV2’s Guy Court, Wednesdays at 11/10c.

1. He accidentally uses beer as body wash.

2. He tries to cover it up when he steals food.

3. He helps out-of-town guests get to know the area.

4. He finds interesting art pieces to fill that blank wall in the living room.

5. He can't find his own bedroom.

6. He makes cute little piles to stay organized.

7. He makes breakfast.

8. He builds mazes with cords so that finding a plug is a fun, confusing game.

9. He invites the entire building over to watch TV.

10. He likes to share the chair as if it were a couch.

11. He allows his alarm to go off for hours so everyone else in the apartment knows it's wake-up time.

12. He lights his farts on fire.

13. He blows out the bathroom, but leaves a note.

14. He rocks it in long underwear.

15. And short underwear.

16. And he shouts his girlfriend's name from the other room over and over and over again.

Got a roommate who needs a slight reality check? Sit him down for MTV2's Guy Court, Wednesdays at 11/10c.

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