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11 Jobs That Are Too Good To Be True

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1. Ice Cream Taster / Via

Imagine tasting 20 flavors of ice cream every day. Now imagine that you got paid a million dollars to do it. Now imagine a cheetah on roller skates. What a silly thing we can make you do.

2. Fake Facebook Girlfriend / Via

Be honest, you've faked your way through pretty much every relationship you've had. Well now you can finally get paid for it! All you have to do is con a bunch of suckers into paying you $5 to pretend to be their girlfriend on Facebook. Click a few likes, drop a few comments, and BOOM: dollar dollar bills.

3. NASA Curiosity Driver

NASA / Via

If you've watched enough Doctor Who, you have a knack for exploring space from the comfort of your own home. Well now you can hop in the driver's seat of the Curiosity rover and live out all your nerdy fantasies. OK, well, maybe not all of them.

4. Waterslide Tester


Does this really require explanation? You + waterslide + money = :)

5. Nail Polish Namer


Contrary to popular belief, nail polishes are not named by randomly grabbing letters from a Scrabble bag. There's actually a person who gets to do it for real money! Now that's ElePHANTASTIC Pink.

6. Ferrari Driving Instructor


Not 100% sure, but the interview will probably go something like this:

"Do you know a lot about driving?"
"Do you like nice cars?"
"Welcome aboard! Here's a paycheck."

7. Professional Traveler


Professional traveling is easily one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, something you'll be able to verify if you do it. Sure it can be difficult and scary, but c'mon... unlimited vacation days!

9. Golden Retriever Puppy Breeder


This is a fairly common job, but come on. You get to make a bunch of puppies, play with them, put them in a nice home, and then make some more.

10. Video Game Tester


Every 12-year-old's dream job. Dust off your comfy couch, grab a liter of Code Red, and start pwning!

11. Professional Wearer of T-Shirts


Which is basically like being paid $500,000 for nothing.

Now get out there and find a job that doesn't suck:

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