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The 11 Types Of MTV Reality Nudity - In GIF Form!

Throughout its history, MTV has had a lot of nudity. Here are some of the best and worst of black bars and blurred areas. For more blurred censorship be sure to tune-in to MTV's new series Big Tips Texas premiering Wednesday at 10/9C.

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1. The 'look at my butt' nudity.

2. The 'check out my ass as I run through the bar' nudity.

3. The 'my ass is hanging out as I make out with 2 people at the same time in a pool' nudity.

4. The 'check out our butt, boobs, and lady parts while I attempt a dive' nudity.

5. The 'oh look, my pants and boxers fell off' nudity.

6. The 'Oh no! You can see my lady parts as I'm pushed into a pool' nudity.

7. The 'let's work together to slap some ass' nudity.

8. The 'I am man hear me roar' nudity.

9. The 'haha, that's hilarious and my lady parts are out' nudity.

10. The 'catching you about to go into the shower' nudity.

11. And lastly, a category all to itself...'Deena Nudity'

To catch more outrageousness check out the premiere of 'Big Tips Texas' Wednesday at 10/9C only on MTV.

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