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19 Relationship Problems As Told By Stiles Stilinski

Stiles gets it — relationships can be tricky! And not just with humans, either. Find out what kind of trouble he gets into next on Season 4 of Teen Wolf, tonight at 10/9c on MTV!

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1. Trying to play it cool when you first start dating. (But mostly you just get weird.)

2. Managing reality versus expectation the first time you have sex.

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And trying to hide the desperation that follows you around like a perfume.

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You call it eau de desperation.

3. That feeling of claustrophobia when you first move in together.

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"I'm surrounded by tampons!"

4. Because you can't hide your weird hobbies from them anymore.

5. Or the fact that you don't really have your shit together.

6. When you stay out all night and forget to call her.

And you think acting overly casual will diffuse the situation. (It won't.)

7. You're totally busted, but you keep making outlandish excuses.

8. When you have opposing views on confrontation.

9. You're accused of having "crazy eyes" during a fight.

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Which only exacerbates the crazy eyes because, let's face it, you have crazy eyes right now.

10. That one insult they throw at you that comes right out of left field...

...and has you so frustrated that you can't even find the words.

It's OK, buddy, take a breath. You just crossed paths with a real-life mind ninja.

11. You get jealous about a hot co-worker and make nonsensical threats.

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Jealousy can make you pretty creative.

12. Your possessive side turns you into a bit of a stalker.

13. You try to stand up to the intimidating older brother.

After practicing in the mirror a couple times and channeling DeNiro's Taxi Driver.

14. Not to mention the dad who's always breathing down your neck.

15. Passing the inevitable "mall test."

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If you can survive a day at the mall together, you can survive anything.

16. When they don't pick up on your unspoken signals.

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Aren't couples supposed to have their own secret language?!

17. And you get called out for being overdramatic.

18. When they just don't understand your bromance.

19. And they don't appreciate the new crowd you're hanging with.

Ultimately, though, being in a relationship is awesome, and you wouldn't have it any other way.

Now that you've kissed and made up, curl up on the couch together and tune in to Teen Wolf Season 4 tonight at 10/9c on MTV!

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