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14 Reasons You Need To Enter The World Of "The Shannara Chronicles"

Don't miss MTV's adaptation of this epic and beloved fantasy series. Catch The Shannara Chronicles Tuesdays at 10/9c on MTV.

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1. It's based on a fantasy series by Terry Brooks with a huge fan following.

Fantasy fans don't lie, you guys.

2. It's action-packed and not afraid to get a little gory.

In the neck, IN THE NECK!

3. It uses amazing special effects...

This burning leaf will burn its way into your burning soul.

4. ...paired with real-life sets.

Like real human hands built these out.

5. Austin Butler plays a man who is half-elf/half-human and the last of the Shannara family.

Dat hair tho.

6. He's accompanied by an amazing cast of (beautiful) actors.

The perfect recipe for dramaaaa.

7. The backdrop of New Zealand will have you buying a flight immediately.

8. And its fictional landscapes will take you to an entirely new universe without leaving your house.

9. It was produced by Jon Favreau. (And who doesn't trust Favreau!?)

The man gave us one of our favorite superhero franchises to date. It's in the bag.

10. The costumes and makeup are out of this world (literally).

Those braids are killer. Those braids will actually kill you.

11. Like any good fantasy series, there is endless magic.

You WISH you had magic stones!

12. Dagda Mor is straight-up scary AF.

Those piercings look infected, dude...

13. The women kick ass and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty.

14. And it'll surprise you at every turn.

Did you know that guy was going to crash through your fence? No, you didn't.

Don't miss The Shannara Chronicles Tuesdays at 10/9c on MTV!

All images courtesy of MTV.