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17 Reasons You Can't Stop Watching "Teen Wolf"

You've been bitten... by the Teen Wolf bug, that is! Now that you've had a taste, keep getting your fix by tuning into Season 4 tonight at 10/9c on MTV!

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1. One word: bromance.

There's nothing but love between Scott and Stiles — both on-camera and off!

2. Eye candy. So much eye candy.

No need to sugarcoat it. There's a reason you can't look away!

3. All eight of Derek's abs.

Let's face it: Derek Hale is in a league of his own.

4. Werewolves are cool. They just are.

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They're superstrong, they can shapeshift, and they sync up to the moon. What's not to like?

5. It's a lesson in mythology.

Alphas, Betas, Omegas... who knew there was so much to werewolves!

6. It's actually scary.

When it's not being funny or romantic, the show captures the classic horror genre perfectly!

7. It continues to surprise you!

Never a dull moment — this show keeps you on your toes!

8. Leading ladies who aren't just love interests...

Wielding a bow and arrow and a katana, Allison Argent and Kira Yukimura play second fiddle to no one!

...and who are more than meets the eye.

Lydia Martin hides a brilliant intellect behind her "popular girl" facade.

9. It doesn't shy away from sex.

Thanks, Teen Wolf!

10. And being gay is no big deal.

(Because being gay is no big deal...)

11. Watching Stiles steal the show.

Witty and sarcastic with a heart of gold, Stiles is the unexpected hero in this story. Oh, and he's incredibly handsome.

12. Writers who know what they're doing.

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Clever, sharp, and slightly self-aware, the writing strikes the perfect balance needed for a show about teenage werewolves.

13. And secondary characters who add their own flavor.

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Who doesn't love a good Coach–Stiles standoff!

14. The actors are incredibly talented...

This cast immerses us completely in the world of Beacon Hills High.

15. ...and incredibly goofy.

Watching these actors play around off-set is half the fun!

16. It makes us want to be part of a "pack"!

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There's nothing more heartwarming than watching Scott form his own pack of humans!

17. Did we mention Stiles already?

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OK. But it bears repeating.

Keep feeding your Teen Wolf addiction with MTV's premiere of Season 4 tonight at 10/9c!

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