17 Reasons Why Werewolves Should Exist IRL

Is it the full moon yet? Because we could really use some werewolves up in here! Good thing you can get your werewolf fix with Season 4 of Teen Wolf premiering tonight at 10/9c on MTV!

1. They look good shirtless.

Like, really good.

2. They’re super strong.

3. They take care of their own.


4. They have a clear pecking order, based on the color of their eyes.


Which would be useful at work, on dates, or when ordering coffee.

5. Packs look like the most badass, close-knit families ever.


And we want in!

6. They have a distinctive roar.


So you’ll always be able to find each other in crowded malls and music festivals.

7. They’ll protect you from pretty much anything.

Depending on the moon.

8. They’re quite handy around the house.

You’ll save a fortune on hammers.

9. They’ll commiserate over a damaged manicure.


10. They’re loaded with existential angst.

You know, angst? That thing that makes them all brooding and sexy?

11. They’re misunderstood creatures who want to be loved.

(Just like the rest of us.)

12. The sex is better. Like… a lot better.


13. Sometimes they come in twos.


Beautiful, delicious twos…

14. They coined the expression “wolfing out.”

“I can’t believe he stood me up! I am totally wolfing out right now.”

15. They keep excellent (read: “kick-ass”) company.


16. They’re so damn cool.

17. Without them, life is just a little bit boring.

Fortunately, werewolves are coming back into your life with the premiere of Teen Wolf Season 4 tonight at 10/9c!

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