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19 Reasons Why Everyone Wants A Bromance Like Stiles And Scott's

It is the bromance to end all bromances, and oh how special it is. Don't miss the two-part premiere of Teen Wolf Season 5 — June 29 at 10 p.m. and June 30 at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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3. They cheer each other up whenever necessary.

Courtesy of MTV / Via teenwolf.tumblr.com

"I know you're stressed about school and stuff, but hey," Scott said, a playful smirk sweeping his chiseled face, "only two more weeks until Mexicooooooo."

4. And they are not afraid to talk about the tough stuff too.

Courtesy of MTV / Via teenwolf.tumblr.com

The room was tense. "Well? Are we going to discuss the fact that your cat clearly hates me?" Scott asked. Stiles looked down at the table, knowing it was true.

7. They are the other's source of strength during tough times.

Courtesy of MTV

"It's gonna be OK," Scott said, embracing Stiles tightly. "Tattoo removal is no big deal. And that silly 'PACK MOM' back piece has got to go."

10. And they make an effort to spend time with each other's friends.

Courtesy of MTV / Via teenwolf.tumblr.com

Scott couldn't believe what he just heard. "What?" Stiles asked innocently. "When did it become a sin to suggest we skip brunch? Brunch sucks and we all know it."

11. They make decisions together.

Courtesy of MTV

"All right, class, pick your partners wisely," the teacher said, throwing a small, knowing smile at Scott and Stiles. "Aww..." she mumbled to herself.

12. They're perfectly happy just chilling at home for the night.

Courtesy of MTV

"I am so glad we decided to opt out of Lydia's party," Scott said. "Same," Stiles cooed. "You get the laptop, I'll get the snacks."

14. They know the importance of shutting up and just letting some things go sometimes.

Courtesy of MTV

Stiles' voice faded out as Scott thought to himself, Did he just say dadbods rock? I clearly don't have a dadbod. So he's saying he hates my body? No. Shut up, self.

15. And they aren’t afraid of being honest with one another.

Courtesy of MTV / Via teenwolf.tumblr.com

"Why are you giving me that look?" Scott quizzed Stiles, wiping the sweat from his focused brow. "Dude," Stiles said grimacing, "you smell like an army of gym socks marching into hell."

16. Even when they screw up, they never hold a grudge.

As the two scaled the forest, lost on their way to the party, an abrupt noise startled Stiles. His phone slipped from his hand. "No worries," Scott said, "it was at 10% anyway."

18. And they always have each other’s backs.

Courtesy of MTV

Stiles stared at the burrito that he foolishly dropped, eyes bottomless pits of cheesy regret. Scott wrapped his arms around him: “I will be your burrito.”

19. Because they are each other's type of weirdo.

Courtesy of MTV

As the radio blasted the guiltiest of pop-punk pleasures, Sciles danced like no one was watching, sang like no one was listening, and loved like they'd never get hurt.

Get ready for an intense new season of shipping. Don't miss the thrilling two-night premiere of Teen Wolf Season 5 starting on Monday, June 29, on MTV.


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