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16 Awesomely WTF Miley Cyrus VMA Promos People Have Made So Far

Watch people get weird with Miley on greenscreen. Then tune in to real-life Miley wildin' out while hosting the MTV Music Video Awards on August 30 at 9/8c.

1. This trippy number that you definitely wish were your clock:

2. This sprinkle-oozing party:

3. This:

4. This Miley who might have had a little too much of the magical fruit:

5. This futuristic fright:

6. This journey into a land of sweet, sweet twerks:

7. This eyeball-lickin' good time:

8. This magician's assistant Miley:

9. This window to the void:

10. This mash-up of all things internetz and some healthy eats:

11. This altered reality...

...which continued with this ride through other dimensions:

12. These two ferocious slices:

13. This hungry, hungry Space Miley:

14. This surgical miracle:

15. This multi-Miley tongue-twister:

16. And this very geometric worship of Miley in all her forms:

Make your own greenscreen Miley creation here before watching her host the VMAs on August 30 at 9/8c.

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