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16 Awesomely WTF Miley Cyrus VMA Promos People Have Made So Far

Watch people get weird with Miley on greenscreen. Then tune in to real-life Miley wildin' out while hosting the MTV Music Video Awards on August 30 at 9/8c.

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1. This trippy number that you definitely wish were your clock:

@eduardperise / Via!/share/26870

It's gravity defying and biology defying, just like our beloved Miley.

2. This sprinkle-oozing party:

@stfranciselevatorride / Via!/share/5542

Yes, she bleeds sprinkles. Jealous? You SO are.

3. This:

@heybeautifuljerk / Via!/share/5495

It speaks for itself tbh.

4. This Miley who might have had a little too much of the magical fruit:

@mrcerc / Via!/share/12095

Hopefully she won't be eating it before the VMAs, because it might affect the twerk.

5. This futuristic fright:

Angelo / Via!/share/23698

Are you frightened or aroused?

6. This journey into a land of sweet, sweet twerks:

@blend_studios / Via!/share/8208

This is what Candy Land has degenerated into since we last visited.

7. This eyeball-lickin' good time:

@krisknapp / Via!/share/4660

What'd that tongue your eye?

8. This magician's assistant Miley:

@mrjakemathew / Via!/share/16348

Because Miley = ~magic~, even when digitally dismembered.

9. This window to the void:

@keenkeee / Via!/share/1894

Will Miley make us contemplate the deepest and darkest metaphysical questions of our ultimately inconsequential existences at the VMAs?

10. This mash-up of all things internetz and some healthy eats:

@annehorel / Via!/share/1869

Hot Doge and Miley Cat are a match made in Lisa Frank-ish heaven.

11. This altered reality...

@shaqonthings / Via!/share/18829

It's...a multivitamin.

...which continued with this ride through other dimensions:!/share/20911 / Via Jeremy

If you haven't fantasized about riding a giant kitten, you lie.

12. These two ferocious slices:

@heybeautifuljerk / Via!/share/5524

OK, if she can pull this off at the VMAs, we'll all have to get on our knees and worship -- QUEEEEN.

13. This hungry, hungry Space Miley:!/share/5613 / Via @krisknapp

You must sacrifice many fast foods and kittens to the host of the VMAs. You just have to.

14. This surgical miracle:!/share/23254 / Via @stfrankelevator

A multilayered metaphor for our millisecond attention spans in this age of advanced technology which facilitates digital sharing (a literal space cadet being pulled out of her head) and how that is, like, toootally suffocating us. DAMN YOU, INTERNETZ.

15. This multi-Miley tongue-twister:

@whateverr_r / Via!/share/18718

She's just doing a couple of these vocal warm-ups for the big show: "red leather, yellow leather, red leather, yellow leather."

16. And this very geometric worship of Miley in all her forms:

Getstudios / Via!/share/20884


Make your own greenscreen Miley creation here before watching her host the VMAs on August 30 at 9/8c.

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