14 Best Reaction Faces From The VMAs

Let’s be real, half the fun of the VMAs is just watching celebrities throw shade at each other. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite celebrity reaction faces, but don’t forget to catch more during the 2013 VMAs tonight at 9/8c, only on MTV.

14. Britney's reaction to a Not-So-Lady Gaga trying to recreate the famous Britney/Madonna kiss.

MTV Video Music Awards / Via erick-monster-unicorn-hipster.tumblr.com

We're talking about this kiss.

MTV Video Music Awards / Via in-search-of-a-great-perhaps.tumblr.com

As if you forgot about it…

13. Which garnered this "What? No I'm not jealous!" reaction from JT.

MTV Video Music Awards / Via andiamburdenedwithgloriousfeels.tumblr.com

Honorable mentions: Mary J. Blige’s smh response and Carson Kressley’s ultimate fangirl moment.

12. Odd Future's reaction to Tyler the Creator's win for Best New Artist.

MTV Video Music Awards / Via mtv.tv

11. Only to be completely outdone by Tyler's adorable mom.

MTV Video Music Awards / Via mtv.tumblr.com

10. When all Lil' Kim could do was laugh nervously as one of the biggest divas in the world got to second base with her on live television.

MTV Video Music Awards / Via mtv.tv

Mary J. Blige is the luckiest third wheel of all time!

9. Slim Shady throwing shade at Lacey Gaga.

Getty / Via 90717919

Good thing she couldn’t see.

8. Taylor's before and after reactions to that Kanye interruption moment no one talked about.




We still have our fingers crossed that she’ll return the favor one day.

7. And Beyoncé's reaction to being the cause of Kanye's interruption.

MTV / Artisan News / Via youtube.com

6. When Nicki Minaj looked like she was going to cry after winning Best Female Video.

MTV Video Music Awards / Via mtv.tumblr.com

Followed by some actual tears.

5. Jay-Z's "I'm a dad!" reaction when Beyoncé announced the miracle of Blue Ivy to the world.






4. Rihanna brushing the dirt off her shoulder before accepting her award for Video of the Year.

MTV Video Music Awards / Via mtv.tumblr.com

That dirt might have landed on BFF Katy Perry’s head, but when the dirt is from Riri, it might as well be gold.

3. Britney's total goober moment after getting some love from Kobe.


Oh and winning Video of the Year probably had something to do with it too.

2. When the Princess of Friday, Rebecca Black, was NOT having it during this interview.

MTV Video Music Awards / Via mtv.tumblr.com

1. Whitney Houston's and Mariah Carey being great sports after wearing the same dress.


The photo that ends the age old argument of who the biggest diva is.

It’s both.

Catch the 2013 VMAs Sunday August 25th at 9/8c on MTV!

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