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10 Things That Will Make You Miss Nirvana More Than Ever

In honor of the 20th Anniversary of 'In Utero' being released, we look back at one of the greatest bands ever. For more Nirvana, check out MTV's exclusive LIVE performances from the band's 'Live and Loud' concert at

1. The time Krist hit himself in the head with his bass.

2. Remembering when JCPenney didn't sell these to 12 year olds...

3. The time they wore suits and looked badass.

4. The time they wore this and still looked badass.

5. Their 'MTV Unplugged' performance. ALL OF THE SONGS.

6. Young Dave Grohl.

7. The In Bloom video.

...okay, all their videos.

8. The time they were on SNL with Charles Barkley and looked really uncomfortable.

9. These glasses.

10. But most of all, we miss you Kurt.

Watch the recently unearthed 'Nirvana: Live and Loud' concert performances at

See more performances from 'Nirvana: Live and Loud' at