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Watch Desiigner Attempt To Break Record For Most Jell-O Eaten With Chopsticks

The Brooklyn rapper also takes a crack at the leapfrog record. Desiigner already has a few major accomplishments in the world of music, earning a Hot 100 #1 with "Panda," two platinum singles, and a place on Forbes' Hip Hop Cash Princes list. In a new segment with HOT 97, the Brooklyn rapper attempts to get a couple more titles under his belt, challenging some of the more obscure Guinness World Records. Along with host Megan Ryte, Desiigner begins with an effort to break the record for most Jell-O eaten with chopsticks (3.2 ounces). It turns out to be easier said than done. Later on, he and Megan go for the leapfrog record, which once again, ends up being a little more difficult than anticipated.

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