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    I Watched "Scream" For The First Time, And Here Are My Thoughts

    This has convinced me to never answer my phone when I'm home alone.

    The new Scream movie came out last week, and I'm a huge fan of all things horror, but it occurred to me that I've never actually seen the original Scream movie.

    I have seen Scary Movie 2 so many times (which is heavily based on Scream) so when I realised my movie mistake, I knew immediately I had to watch it.

    I decided to take notes of my internal monologue, so here are all the thoughts that raced through my mind while teenagers were being attacked on my screen!

    🚨 Spoilers for Scream (1996) ahead! 🚨

    1. If someone phones you, but they claim to not know who you are, isn't that a little suspect? THEY rang YOU! Immediate red flags. 

    2. Seriously Casey, stop smiling and get off of the phone!! Also, don't walk away from the popcorn – you're going to start a fire.

    3. I don't really know the guy, but I'm sure Steve didn't deserve that fate. Poor boy. 

    4. I KNEW the popcorn would catch fire. Yes, there are more pressing matters at hand, but all you had to do was turn the stove off. 

    5. Wow! You really just killed off Drew Barrymore???  How? Why? 

    6. Her poor parents. So far this movie is sad AND scary.

    Drew Barrymore being held by the mouth by someone all in black with a scream mask on. Drew is wearing white jeans and a beige jumper.
    Matthew Lillard in a light brown shirt with a pattern on it, holding his head while he leans on something looking bored.
    Skeet Ulrich a his role in Scream. Someone standing all in black with a scream mask on in the background, Skeet stood in a white shirt covered in blood.
    Three people stood together, one woman in a brown coat and red top, a guy with a grey t-shirt on and another woman in a jeans jacket. They are all covered in blood.

    Anyone else missed out on any classic movies or am I embarrassingly alone? Let's get talking in the comments.