13 Brilliant Dot Cotton Moments From "EastEnders" That Will Go Down In TV History

    Rest in peace, legend.

    Everyone knows someone or is someone who watches the beloved soap opera EastEnders, which means that one way or another, we all know who Dot Cotton is!

    Jude Brown leaning out of a washing machine, holding a cigarette smiling at the camera. She's wearing a white shirt with light gray stripes

    Well, sadly, the actor who played her — June Brown — died yesterday. In memory of her, we thought we'd put together a collection of her most unforgettable moments from Eastenders so we can all appreciate the legend that was June!

    1. Starting with when she first graced our screens on the show — she was iconic from day one, let's be honest!

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    June's first appearance on the show was in 1985, and though she was a part of Eastenders from the get-go, her character of Dot didn't come into her own until the 40th episode.

    2. The time Dot had a few technical issues with her computer.

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    3. That time she got into herbal remedies and drank some ~special~ tea.

    Dot Cotton in a pink floral shirt, leaning backwards on a man in a dark brown top, while he holds her with the help of a police officer

    4. When she found out that Google loves to throw up porn every now and again, even for the most innocent of searches!

    ill never forget this iconic scene where dot cotton searches bushes into google and ends up finding porn

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    5. When Dot got her happy ending with her second husband, Jim.

    Jim puts a ring on Dot's finger

    6. When she gave us quite the fright after battling with a satnav.

    My favourite June Brown / Dot Cotton scene #EastEnders

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    7. When she showed us what true friendship was by being there for her BFF Ethel right up until she died.

    Dot Cotton hugging her friend Ethel while she's lying in bed and they're looking at a cake with candles in it

    8. When she performed the monologue that earned her a BAFTA nomination.

    Dot Cotton in a fluffy pink dressing down, sat on her sofa behind the coffee table with her face in her hands

    You can see some of the episode here:

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    9. When she returned to the laundrette to find she no longer had her job — this was the end of an era!

    Dot Cotton, standing in front of some washing machines in a laundrette, wearing a long brown coat and holding some bangs. She's looking around sadly

    10. Every time she said the name of Mr. Papadopolous — the Greek owner of the laundrette she worked at (she would always say it wrong).

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    Mr. Opopopolus? Mr. Oppydoppy?

    11. When she battled cancer and showed that even a scary diagnosis couldn't stop her formidable personality.

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    12. When she said her goodbyes in an emotional final scene.

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    That voicemail lives in my head rent-free.

    13. And lastly, every time she clapped back at someone, showing that being fierce is an ~ageless~ quality!

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    14. Bonus: when June Brown appeared on The Graham Norton Show and had this ICONIC meeting with Lady Gaga.

    Jude Brown in a striped dress with a red top on underneath, laughing into her hand. She's sitting next to Lady Gaga, who's dressed in a sheer black dress and large feathery headpiece

    Here's the full interview:

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    Do you have a favourite Dot or June moment? Share them in the comments below.