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    These 22 Huge Celebs Have All Appeared On CBeebies, And My Mind Is Blown By This Information

    It's not just the kids that look forward to bedtime.

    Every parent across the nation loves and relies on the magic that is CBeebies, but more importantly, the daily bedtime story!

    Surprisingly, there have been some ~major~ names that have read the bedtime story – who knew?! Here are 22 celebs that have taken part over the years.

    1. Tom Hardy

    2. Chris Evans

    3. Tom Hiddleston

    4. Regé-Jean Page

    5. James McAvoy

    6. Reese Witherspoon

    7. Eddie Redmayne

    8. David Schwimmer

    9. Ewan McGregor

    10. Dolly Parton

    11. Dave Grohl

    12. Ed Sheeran

    13. Ryan Reynolds

    14. Elton John

    15. Isla Fisher

    16. Orlando Bloom

    17. Mark Ronson

    18. Idina Menzel

    19. Rick Astley

    20. Björn Ulvaeus

    21. Felicity Jones

    22. David Hasselhoff

    If you want to listen to more celebrity bedtime stories (and why wouldn't you?) you can here.