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After Snapchat: What App Will Be Trending Next?

It is impossible not to notice the incredible importance and popularity apps have these days. Having in mind that mobile devices, especially smartphones, evolved and spread out with a considerable speed in the past years, it is only natural for various apps to start emerging more and more. But, it is not easy for a newly launched app to become a trending app. It has to be tried by several users and considered worthy enough to share, in order to enjoy an increasing popularity. Snapchat managed to do so, becoming one of the most popular apps around the world. But, as time passes, mobile device users are looking for something new and fresh. So, there is the question, what app will be trending next? Here are several potential candidates that may be next.

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KIS chat


KIS chat is a great free app that has a very promising future. The greatest fact about it is that it provides more than just a chat room, allowing users to have fun and stay tuned with the latest and trendiest news. The app presents multimedia icons that enable users to gain easy access to video, images, descriptions and more. You can easily send all this info with the help of an icon to your friends, through a built-in chat. Also, it is worth mentioning that you can create your own icon and use it in the same way. Everything you share in the app can also be shared on Facebook and Instagram, because these two social networks support KIS chat. You can search icons by categories and tags, create storage that includes your favorite icons, and personalize your notifications sound and chat wallpaper.


Rawr can be the next most appreciated app when it comes to communication with others, due to new and exciting features it brings to instant messaging. To start with, the app allows users to create avatars that best reflect their personality, style, interests, and more, so it is quite fun to be able to create an animated representative of who you are. Besides the use of text, Rawr users can also utilize the app’s available animations and expressions, so the communication itself is more personal than on many apps of this kind, because it allows the user to express its emotions, rather than just static messages. And when you think that the app is entirely free to use, you realize that this is indeed a good candidate to follow Snapchat. is another promising app, already reaching the top preferences on the App Store. The app allows its users to create musical videos with their favorite songs and share their creations with their group of friends. What is even more amazing is that this app earned its popularity without any help from the press, which shows that users are automatically recommending it to one another. At the moment, it is considered to be one of the fastest growing social networks when it comes to lifestyle and music, especially among young people. At least now, if you see this app in the tops, you’ll know why.


Some say that this app appeared as a modern version of the traditional question “Would you rather?”, as a way to provide entertainment on mobile devices. Why it is so fun and appreciated? Mostly teens are the ones using it, because the app provides questions from the pop-culture domain. A different question comes twice a day, providing two versions of answers, the user having to vote the preferred one. Once the user voted for his version, the app will show the votes of his friends, for the same question. Exceeding 3 million downloads we can easily consider Wishbone the next viral teen phenomenon. After all, this is what mobile apps should provide in order to become popular, easy entertainment.

Color Therapy

Because the trend of coloring books exploded among adults and teens, an app that provides the same type of entertainment can be seen as a normal follow-up. Color Therapy provides the same relaxing activities as a coloring book, only that they will be performed on a mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet. The user gets a black and white drawing that can be colored according to the creativity of the user, as a way to spend time in a pleasant manner and reduce the levels of stress.

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

Neko Atsume, translated as the “Kitty Collector”, is an app that was developed and launched in Japan initially. But because it became so viral and addictive in the country, an English version for Android and iOS was soon developed as well. What is this app all about and why did it end up being so popular? Well, the name of the app should say everything. In the game, you are a cat collector, so this is what you do. Most certainly the lovely graphics and the fact that the game is very easy to play, making it suitable for all age groups, helping it gain so much traction around the world.

Snapchat was great and it continues to be for so many users out there, but it is more than obvious that the domain of mobile apps is evolving. Technology is ever-changing so it is only natural and normal for the demands of the users to change as well, pushing app developers to be more creative and innovative when it comes to apps. What’s in it for us? Brand new and exciting apps to enjoy all the time, which strive to fulfill our needs and desires. All we have to do is try them out and decide which ones fit our lifestyle and provide the characteristics we are looking to find in a perfect app.

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