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How You Can Reduce Food Waste When Cooking

In the words of Jamie Oliver: waste not, want not. The celebrity chef believes the solution of cutting food waste is through cooking. He said that if more people knew how to cook, food waste would be significantly reduced. Jamie Oliver said: “People don’t know what to do with this stuff. Cooking is about adapting, ducking, diving. Recipes, from the beginning of time, have always evolved. “The most powerful weapon against food waste is the knowledge of cooking.“ He describes the concept of waste using up “odds and sods.” “The parts of the world where they ear the most delicious foods are often the poorest parts, because they have knowledge of cooking. Stale bread is the foundation of British and Italian cooking, breadcrumbs are used in desserts, stews and pangratto. “It’s a skill that mustn’t be forgotten.” How you can reduce food waste:

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Variety of organic food including vegetables fruit bread dairy and meat. Balanced diet.
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Variety of organic food including vegetables fruit bread dairy and meat. Balanced diet.


Make pickled veggies with lightly sweetened vinegar, a pinch of salt, and whatever spices you need.


Vinegar isn’t just used for dressings or marinades, add it to fruits and herbs to flavour. Jamie recommends topping off a dark stew with raspberry vinegar for a little oomph.

Curries and stews

Oliver claims these are great for using odds and sods.


Coleslaw is a great way of turning chunky veggies into a decadent side dip.

Fresh herbs

Those that are starting to turn bad might tempt you to throw them away. But have you thought about using them as a brush when grilling meet to add flavour? You can also hang up herbs to dry, they’ll have a different flavour.


Avoid peeling vegetables as the flavour is all in the skin! Just be sure to wash and scrub them well.

Lemon juice

Rather than use just the lemon juice, make use of the zest. It is filled with flavour! Don’t throw away lemon peel, instead drop into a jug with water and ice. Not only does this embellish the water, it gives it a little something.


Rather than throwing away bread, turn them into breadcrumbs.

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