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Eating Healthily During Ramadan

If you are participating in Ramadan, you’ll now be a couple weeks in and with the long hours of fasting and a wide spread of food to choose from, eating an elaborate meal may seem laughable. This not need be the case as it’s fairly simple to eat and stay healthy and happy during this holy month. The only thing you need to do is prepare and eat food that is made from fresh ingredients. Not only will this keep you nourished, but it will set a good example for your family and friends.

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Selection of food that is good for the heart, rustic wood background
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Selection of food that is good for the heart, rustic wood background

Healthy food preparations

Opt for fresh vegetables as they contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals

Choose fresher fruits to make juices

Use low fat dairy products

Substitute butter and ghee with vegetable oils when cooking

Use lean meat, skinless chicken and fish and prepare them by grilling boiling and baking rather than frying

To get all the nutrients that the body needs, ensure that your meals contain all the basic food groups: fruits and vegetables, bread and grains, milk and dairy products, meat and legumes.

Choosing & Avoiding

If you need help with choosing the right foods during this holy month, we have a short guide below that’s brimming with healthy food choices to keep you energetic and nurtured all through Ramadan.

Meat & Others

Choose from:

Lean veal or lamb



Grilled or boiled skinless chicken

Moderate amount of prawns

Legumes such as beans, lentils, and peas


Fried chicken and duck

Fatty means



Liver and other types of organ meats

A lot of shrimp, prawn and shellfish

Milk & Dairy

Choose from:

Low fat or skimmed milk and yogurt

Low fat cheese


Whole milk

Full cream yogurt, labneh and cheeses

Whipped cream and ice cream

Fruits & Vegetables

Choose from:

Fresh vegetables, boiled, baked, steamed or cooked

Fresh fruits and natural fruit juice

Seasoned vegetables


Coconut, as this is the only fruit rich in saturated fats that are unhealthy for the heart

Fried vegetables

Boiled vegetables using butter

Juices with added sugar

Bread & Grains

Choose from:

Brown bread

Plain spaghetti or rice

Grains with no added fat

Baked/boiled potatoes




Fried rice

Pastries that contain large amounts of fat

With the variety of foods you have available to choose from, this journey is sure to be a pleasant one and leave you satisfied with your healthy choices.

Always remember that whatever you eat should be a part of a balanced food plan that contains healthy ingredients, is cooked properly.

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