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Top 10 Things You Should Talk To Your Roommate About Before Moving In

Fall semester is arriving soon and you'll be moving in with you roommate in a blink of an eye. As move-in begins to make it's way around, start thinking about what you and your roommate should talk about prior to moving in.

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1. Who's Bringing What

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Make sure to talk to your roommate about who is bringing what. You definitely don't want to end up with multiple microwaves, mini-fridges or TVs.

2. Room Set Up

This is your time to create a perfect room for you and your roommate. Discuss what decorations the two of you would want or how you want to set everything up. Your room is a blank canvas!

3. Sharing and Borrowing

Be sure to talk about what things can be shared/borrowed and things that are totally off limits. It's better to be honest and upfront about it than to hold it in and be upset about it later.

4. Quiet Time

Everyone needs some down time to relax after a long day of classes or to study in the comfort of their own room. Have a set time where you and/or your roommate can relax or study quietly in your room.

6. Having Friends Over

It's always fun to have friends over at your place but you have to remember that you share the room with another person and you have to respect that. Talk about giving each other a heads up when somebody might come over!

7. Keeping Things Tidy

Nobody wants to live in a dirty/messy living environment. Talk about cleaning up after yourselves and keeping things clean for the both of you. If you have a suite-style bathroom, be sure to talk to your roommate and suite-mates about keeping the bathroom clean!

9. Respect

You will be living with this person for an entire school year and it is important that the two of you maintain respect for each other. You should agree on respecting each other's space, privacy, thoughts and actions.

10. Conflicts

There may be times where you don't agree on something or aren't happy with an occurrence. Instead of bottling it in, you and your roommate should agree on communicating and expressing your concerns with each other. This will lead to less stress and a happier living environment.

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