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    • msnewnews

      First of all it’s way too many situations that occur like this, whether they’re normal people or celebrities! You don’t see them still ranting about Ike & Tina, Tracy Thurman, and other countless situations just like or way worse than this one! Leave them kids alone. They’re young & still in the mistake making phase. I’m not taking sides for either of them, butItoo heard numerous stories about her being the one that was controlling, possessive, and abusive to him. Furthermore,Ihave relatives and friends from the islands & they are very possessive & angry when it comes to their mates! Just listen to that girls songs singing about pure violence, Russian Roulette’saprime example! She’s not innocent so stop tryna play like she is just because she’safemale. I’m clearlyawoman as well and not hot headed or fly off the handle for no apparent reason, butIwill lay hands onaman quick! It was said that Chris wasablack belt soIfelt as though if he really wanted to band her up she would’ve looked way worse than she did!Ibelieve that the little injuries she did sustain were from him trying to keep her off of him while still trying to maintain their safety while driving! That’s just my opinion & not trying to go back & forth with anyone on here because it’s pointless. People are always going to have their own opinions, but like I’ve always said, “Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but that doesn’t mean it counts!!”

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