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    Here Are The 7 Disney Princesses That I Hate The Most, And I'm Seething Just Writing This

    These are the Disney princesses that I hate with reason, so welcome to my hate list.

    1. Rapunzel

    rapunzel holds a pan

    Rapunzel is a lot of people's favorite princess with her movie also being their favorite, but I for some reason have always hated her. She has always given me bad vibes. I also am not the biggest fan of the movie Tangled hence why she is not my favorite.

    2. Merida

    merida smiles

    Although I do like her personality a bit, at some points she gets really annoying and I can't explain it. Again, her movie isn't one I like very much as well so that has a part in it, but she makes me so mad it's unexplainable.

    3. Snow White

    snow white has wide eyes as if worried

    Yes I know, the original princess. Hear me out. DID NO ONE TEACH HER WHAT STRANGER DANGER WAS? Like, this girl is trusting anyone. Seven old men in the forest, sure, why not! Some creepy old hag that definitely wasn't my childhood fear, who cares. THEN HOMEGIRL JUST GOT POISONED AND THEN KISSED A 31-YEAR-OLD MAN. It's not her that I hate, it's her actions that I hate.

    4. Cinderella

    cinderella wearing a headband and pearls

    She kinda has the same story as Snow White. I don't really hate her, but she gets on my nerves. She is just kinda so annoying. I don't like her movie all too much. It's kinda boring in my opinion but yeah.

    5. Belle

    belle with furrowed brows, mouth snarling

    I see her and I'm like ew. I see her and immediately get annoyed. I see her and I know how much I hate her. I don't like her movie. What surprises me is that Disney let her have Stockholm syndrome! I want to like her but I can't.

    6. Ariel

    ariel blows hair up off forehead

    I swear with this bitch. She annoys me so much. I bet she's a Cancer. I don't like her. I don't like her personality. I don't like her vibes and the only things that make me want to watch her movie are Sebastian, Ursula, and Flounder! Overall I hate her, love every other character in the movie though.

    7. And Anna

    anna with hands in claw shape

    Words cannot describe how much I hate this bitch. I would like to push her off the North Mountain in the middle of a nice hot summer. I hate how she's all like, we have to do everything together, and there is no shutting each other out again. Like girl, I know you have trauma and that you love your sister but, there is a thing called PRIVACY. And you had no right to be mad at my girl Elsa for wanting to go to Attahlan by herself. This bitch would've died but nooooo, she's complaining about avoiding her death. In the first movie, her boyfriend let her practically die and he also tried to kill Elsa! She's the reason Elsa ran away in the first place. She needs to fix her attitude before I fix it for her. I hate the movies because of her. Elsa and Olaf are the only reasons I watch them. She acts like she is so important but she's nothing but an annoying speck of nothing in this universe.

    So yeah! That is all the Disney princesses that I hate with reason. I did them in no particular order and Anna is my least favorite and top-hated Disney princess. Byee.

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