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12 Important Things You Should Know About Relapsing MS

"It. Is. Not. Contagious."

1. It. Is. Not. Contagious.

2. Just because you can't see a symptom doesn't mean it isn't there.

3. Everyone's MS is different.

4. Just because some days (or weeks, or months) are better than others doesn't mean they're "cured."

5. Canceling plans repeatedly isn't anything personal. Promise.

6. They're not fated to be in a wheelchair.

7. It doesn't always just affect one's body.

8. Exercising sucks even more than usual, but it can keep people with MS from feeling worse.

9. And their definitions of "tired" and "confused" and "fatigued" are different from yours.

10. Choosing your food wisely isn't intended to be annoying; it's an important part of staying healthy.

11. The person is not the disease.

12. People with MS can live productive lives, thank you very much.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS), speak with your doctor about treatments that may help.

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