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8 Secrets That Fat Women Don't Tell The World

You've seen them, might know them, but never knew these astonishing facts about the voluminous unicorns known as fat women. Knowing is half the battle.

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1. The Secret Is Out!

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1. Thick thighs really do, in fact, bring all the boys to the yard. They also cause friction and over time destroy the inner thigh area of our jeans/jeggings/leggings. Sucks.

2. Our boobs are magical and constantly perform tricks of optical illusion. On the surface they're soft, wonderful mounds of fleshy goodness. Beneath the surface they are sweating their balls off and require powder of some sort to keep the chafing away.

3. These same boobs are also heavy as hell and often cause indentures on our flesh due to the strainage of our bra straps holding them up. And you thought your job was hard? Go figure.

4. We often test the sturdiness of a man or chair before putting our full weight on him/them. We'd like to be confident that they can securely hold our bodies before we get 100% comfortable.

5. Newsflash-not all of us are on diet! Gasp. Dare I say that we actually love our juiciness and feel no guilt about indulging? There. I said it.

6. All fat women are not lazy. Actually, some of us do work out. Looks around for reactions. Yes, we do work out and employ healthy habits and lifestyles.

7. Just because we are fat does not mean that we are always hungry, or even that we want what's on your plate. We're always hungry because we're ladies and chocolate makes us happy- that's the difference.

8. Fat women are not desperate and will not accept any and everybody who shows interest. You're an idiot if you've ever employed this thought!

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