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What Song Should Win At This Year's Oscars

The Academy Award nominations aren't announced until January 23rd, however there is one obvious winner already ( WARNING: This is a joke ⚠️).

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You see, this year we've been given a bounty of fruit imagery in film (e.g., Girls Trip and Call My By Your Name).



And Sure, CMBYN already has some some songs on the short list (you should r e a l l y check them out).

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HOWEVER, there is a completely ridiculous suggestion that I feel I must bring up.

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112 released "Peaches And Cream" in 2001.

Way ahead of this wave of fruit liberation.

That song combined with the "peach scene" in CMBYN? What would that look like? Done. ( ⚠️ Click on tweet, video isn't showing ⚠️)

My fake Oscar pick this year for best original song has got to be 112’s “Peaches And Cream” for CMBYN 🍑

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