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    20 Things You Should Know About Ms. Fisher's Class

    Welcome to Ms. Fisher's Language Arts Class, you lucky duck! Check out these few things you should know to be successful.

    20. Don't Be Tardy To the Language Arts Party

    Here's the deal: you have FIVE minutes to get from one class to another. Just get there. When the bell rings, you are to be in your seat. No excuses. I don't want to hear that you couldn't get your locker open, you forgot your book, you just needed to talk to a friend, or that you just needed to stand and wave at everyone while the clock was ticking down. NO EXCUSES. If you're late without a pass, you're late- end of story. I will count you tardy and we will follow with Step Plan procedures for each additional time you are tardy.

    19. Always Raise Your Hand

    Always raise your hand if you have something to say or a question to ask. Failure to raise your hand will result in Ms. Fisher Hulking out and the interrupter being shamed.

    18. I Am Not Interested In Excuses

    I never want to hear excuses. If you do not have your homework done, I don't want to hear about how late you were up for practice/working on other homework/feeding your dog...NO EXCUSES. Be responsible for yourself, that's all there is to it.

    17. Keep Your Phone Off and Away

    It's in the school handbook, there is simply no reason to have your phone on or visible in my class. The first time I see/hear it, it's a warning. The second time, it's mine and I contact parents.

    16. Turn Your Work In On Time

    You'll be glad you did. I always give you plenty of time to complete assignments. The reason that you usually have several days to complete work for my class is that it is work that takes your devoted time and attention to do well. Just get the work done and turn it in on time. (Then give yourself a high five).

    15. Do Not Ask If I Have Graded Your Work Yet

    I spend a great deal of time grading your work to give you the most fair and helpful feedback that I can. Writing is not easy to takes time. While I always try to get your work back to you in a timely manner, I will not rush through it. Have patience. There are close to 130 of you on Core 8-3. If, the day after turning in an assignment or paper, you ask if I have it graded yet, I will simply laugh at you.

    14. Just Say "Nope" To Cheating

    CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Your integrity is one of the most important things you not violate my trust in you. Cheating includes plagiarizing from other sources, copying someone else's work, letting someone copy your work, and copying across cores. Mrs. Esker, Ms. Holden, and I often grade together and it is not difficult to find out if you have shared work with a friend on another core. Don't go honest, let me trust you, keep your integrity. Turning an assignment in late is better than being found cheating. If you're feeling desperate, ask Ms. Fisher for help!

    13. Do Not Interrupt Me

    Do not speak while I am speaking. You would not expect me to interrupt you, so please do me the same courtesy. This may be my number one pet have been warned.

    12. You Can Kiss Your Grade Goodbye If...

    You can kiss your grade goodbye if you do not 1). Write in complete sentences, 2). Put your name on your paper, 3). Cite your evidence, 4). Correct excessive grammatical, stylistic, or spelling mistakes, 5). Complete the full assignment. Take your time and do your work correctly!

    11. School Is YOUR Responsibility, Not Your Parents'

    Your parents work very hard, and it is not their responsibility to do your school work for you. If you do not understand an assignment, have waited until the last minute to complete your work, or have an issue that we can resolve together, ASK ME FIRST! Your parents do not need the added stress of your school work on their plate. I want to hear from YOU about your school work.

    10. Personal Space Is Very Important

    Keep your hands, arms, feet, legs, face, etc. to yourself. Please do not invade another student's personal space. If you really need to give/get a hug, you are welcome to wrap your arms around yourself.

    9. Use Your Restroom/Drink Passes Wisely

    You will have 4 restroom/drink passes per quarter. Use them wisely. If you feel you must use them all in one week, go for it, but there will not be any more: I will say "No." My class time is valuable and you only learn when you are in here. Obviously, in case of emergencies there will be exceptions made, but excessive emergencies will warrant us having a talk with Ms. Younts and your parents to resolve the issue.

    8. Don't Be Surprised When Your Parents Hear From Me

    Haven't turned in any homework for two weeks? A little talkative/sleepy/tardy/funky in class today? Disrespectful to another student? Assigned detention? Count on your parents hearing about it. It's very easy to do what's right...keep that in mind.

    7. It Doesn't Take Much to Make Me Laugh

    Ms. Fisher will be 30 years old in three years, but she will still laugh at dancing dogs, lose it over cute birds, and crack up at any picture of a sloth. Please show her funny animal pictures. And tell her a good corny joke. This is a good way to get her in a good mood if she seems like a grouch.

    6. Take Pride In Your Successes!

    While I have very high expectations of you, I am always on your side and will be so happy when you have success. Always let me know when you have accomplished something great outside of class, and I will always let you know when you have done a fantastic job in Language Arts. Celebrate your success!

    5. Let Me Know When You're Having a Rough Day

    You're in 8th grade, and every day is not going to be a great day. If things are going a little rough, let me know! You might not feel up to speaking in class that day, or might not be acting like you usually do. We all have down days...just give me a heads up before class.

    4. Just Listen To My Stories!

    Sometimes Ms. Fisher will tell you stories...just listen to them. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hurt her feelings if you don't pretend like they're fascinating.

    3. Keep Ms. Fisher's Room Clean

    Look at everything this man is doing, and please do not do it in my classroom. I do not want paper on the floor or flying through the air, books scattered about, or any kind of mess at all. For the sake of leaving class on time, I promise it's worth it to keep your desk in line and the area around it very neat.

    2. Be Prepared

    Bruce Lee is prepared to do what needs to be done. You should be prepared too. When the bell rings, you should be 1). IN YOUR SEAT, 2). WORKING ON THE BOARD ASSIGNMENT OR FREE READING, 3). HAVE ALL MATERIALS YOU NEED. This includes pen/sharpened pencil, comp book, and whatever text we are currently reading. Failure to be prepared at the beginning of class will result in Step Plan consequences.

    1. Be Respectful, Optimistic, Committed, and Kind

    Look at how nice Ralph is being. There is no reason not to be respectful to EVERYONE. Have an optimistic attitude every day, even when it's really difficult. Commit yourself to doing the best job you do, and to being the kind of person that others respect for the right reasons. Finally, there is nothing I value higher than a student who is kind. You're a Warrior...ROCK it out this year.

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