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    • MsConcierge

      Lord God help us all to educate and no longer tolerate ignorance or stupidity from those people among this earth whom fail to recognize the severity of sexual assualt regardless of consent, what someone was wearing, the life they have been living, the way they carry themselves, their mental state of mind, what they do or were doing , the state of consciousness they were in, their friends or family, or any other reason or excuse someone would try to use against a victim. There are NOT many people whom can sympathize,
      have compassion, or an understanding of any type of significant situation unless they have personally been thru it themselves. A Life threatening disease, divorce, family crisis, any abuse, mental disorders, financial burdens, homelessness, addictions, disabilities… too many to list. May God bless all those whom offer support instead of further vitimizing.

    • MsConcierge

      Best kept retail secret is Stein Mart. Rite now they have 60% off their blue slash clearance items. Tons of stuff less than $20!! Lots less than $10!!! Sometimes they even have 75% off stuff that is already marked down 25 percent from their full price!!!! All departments have a clearance section in store and on-line: home, mens, plus sizes, ladies, accessories, petites, lingerie, pets, etc! They almost always have coupons for their sale/clearance. But during special weeks like next week is “boutique week” they have coupons for a full priced item. And you can use that coupon every day it’s valid.

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