How It Feels Going Through Victoria’s Secret As A Man

I can speak for most men when I say that it is extremely awkward and anxiety-provoking when we walk into a Victoria’s Secret. Yeah, we may be exaggerating, but think about it…

“Let’s go into Victoria Secret, I need a bra,” she said.

Then you think about whether you should stay outside or go inside…

1. Wait outside and awkwardly bust out your cellphone to text or pretend to call someone so you don’t look like a loser.


Facing your fears is part of being a man.

3. First thing you see…

Oh, clothes. Nice.

4. the further you go…

Nice, bras.

5. “I’m going to try this on,” she says.

“Don’t be silly! You’ll be fine,” as she leaves to the back.

6. Now it’s time to drift to the furtherest, most non-populated region of the store.

7. Wait… is that (acquaintance you know from work or school)?!

Oh @#$%, now I look like a pervert. Panic-mode sets in. WHERE IS MY FRIEND?!

8. Then, they see you.

10. You awkwardly wave back and keep on walking.

11. Now you are thinking to yourself - “Man, what did I get myself into…”

13. Your friend comes back and decides not to purchase anything or shop anymore. Inside you’re like:

14. and on the outside…

15. Knowing that you came out alive.

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