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Your a singer and you're getting some big time buzz, your star is rising, everybody is talking about you. Your single blew up, and your first video was fun, crazy, a breath of fresh air. So what better way to follow it up then to just stand there. I swear there's one director who is CONSTANTLY pitching this idea, and some poor artist trying to be edgy, bites.

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THE 'NOT YOU TOO?' #juststandingthere msuic video

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The most recent was poor Lorde, Interesting take, I like the light changes, and the occasional participation in the actual song. With this incarnation of the #juststandingthere music video we have the treat of gazing at an alien, with uncomfortably dark wormy lips, eyes that seem to be getting further apart as the minutes pass, and an outfit that looks like its sponsored by the deadliest catch. This video will not be nominated for anything.

THE RIP OFF #juststandingthere

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AHHH yes, for this one, we find a desperate artist using this tired vehicle as a way to be "different." Janelle showed us a range of emotion with hint of nudity... what are we suppose to think is going on down there?

She chose to at least participate in the song a little more then Lorde, but even SHE gets tired of this video a few times, breaking from the lyrics and crying, out of pure boredom. Surprisingly, this video was NOT nominated for anything.

THE ORIGINAL #juststandingthere

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Then there's the original, obviously the inspiration for Janelle Monea's video, but at least in this video D'Angelo has FULL participation in the song, and well, full participation in a lot of stuff apparently. This video was even nominated for video of the year, or some crap like that. It was a #juststandingthere video that Blew our minds. but now, all this genera of music video makes me want to do is Blow chunks (geez, that was sorry) did I miss any #juststandingthere videos?


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