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    Are You In Agony? I'm Here To Help.

    Old, wise, and expert at surviving life down under, I'm BuzzFeedOz's agony aunt.

    Does the world need another agony aunt? Maybe not. But Australia sure does.

    Rebecca Hendin / BuzzFeed

    We live in a country basically designed to kill us, with potential death and disaster at every turn, and that's not even mentioning the ghastly humans.

    Starting on Sunday, our Meanwhile in Australia newsletter has a special new correspondent, moi.

    I have my pencil ready and sharpened to answer your questions about love, life and dealing with all the shit Down Under has to throw at us. Like sharks. On the beach.

    Channel Nine

    This week, a reader from Perth is having a seagull problem.

    Flickr: richardgiles / Creative Commons

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