Mrs Poole
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    • Mrs Poole

      I am an American and my husband is British. We were at a restaurant in France and there were shards of glass in my meal. He urged me not to tell the waiter during the meal and make a big American scene so I didn’t. We had a debate during dinner about weather to say something to the waiter or not (I voted yes, he voted no). Finally we decided that it would be better to say something to protect people ordering the same dish that night (in case there was glass in the pot). Obviously I didn’t finish my plate, so at the end of the meal the waiter went to take the plate away and asked if everything was OK, since I left most of the food still on the plate. My husband motioned for him to come in really close so that nobody would hear and in a very embarrassed manner, my husband informed the waiter that there were shards of glass in my meal and pointed them out to him (I put them on the side of the dish). The waiter apologized, and when he brought the cheque with the entire amount for our meals on there (he didn’t deduct the dish with glass in it!), my husband paid the bill AND gave the waiter a tip for embarrassing him.

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