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    • MrsPeacock

      Dear “The Carnivore,”
      Ihaven’t beenavegetarian in YEARS, butIcan’t believe that people still use this corny bullshit line. Really? You’re going to eat two servings of meat because someone else don’t eat one? Seems like you’re makingareally terrible choice if you make good on your promise, not to mention an illegal one. FYI, prison food is skimpy on the prime rib. Also, if you’re typing onacomputer and know English, chances are that you’reaHUMAN, meaning that you’re an OMNIVORE (not THE OMNIVORE, you are not “the” anything). Now, this is whereItell you to stop being an annoying shit (you are being loads more annoying than any vegan I’ve ever met) and please go findaplace where you can’t talk to other humans. Seriously, stop it. Sincerely,
      An Omnivore Who Is Embarrassed By Your Ignorance

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