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    15 Awesome Dance Gifs For Every Occasion

    "Shut up and (happy) dance with me!"

    1. This "BFF Cancan":

    If you have never cancanned with your BFF then I can't take you seriously.

    2. This "Getting Down With Your Girlfriends" dance:

    Hula hoops are all the rage this year.

    3. This "I'm Home Alone, Time To Get My Freak On" dance:

    And who doesn't do weird stuff when they're home alone?

    4. This "Seeing Your Bestie in Public" dance:

    Don't do this with your BFF? You ain't real BFFs.

    5. This "I'm a Total Diva, Deal With It" dance:

    So much better than twerking, I think we can all agree.

    6. This "Come At Me, Boys!" dance:

    Miranda Sings - Bae Finding LEGEND.

    7. The "Uptown Funk is Playing on the Radio" dance:

    Even if the song is playing in public, 99%of people will get their Bruno Mars on.

    8. This "Mega Epic Win" dance (provided by Jimmy Fallon and Elmo):

    Jimmy Fallon dancing with a Muppet? Total badass.

    9. This "I've Never Heard This Song Before" dance:

    Twerk like Miranda Sings, or look like an idiot? Your choice.

    10. The "Your Jam Comes on When You're With Your Homies" dance:

    Homies of a feather dance together!

    11. The "I'm So Happy and I Just Have to Dance!" dance:

    Will and Carlton are the perfect example for this dance.

    12. The "Alone in an Elevator" dance:

    Alone in an elevator, will dance.

    13. The "Friends are Taking a Photo, Time to Photobomb!" dance:

    Then afterwards you should probably do the "Run Like Hell" dance.

    14. The "I FRICKIN' LOVE THIS SONG!!" dance:

    Put your hands in the air like you just don't care!

    15. The "Club Can't Even Handle My Awkwardness Right Now" dance:

    Possibly the most frequently used dance move of all time.

    What are you waiting for? Go and try them out for yourself!

    Happy dancing! :)

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