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    Top 10 Healthy Eating IG Accounts You Should Be Following

    Healthy, real foods are delicious AND flavorful - and these 10 Instagram accounts prove it.

    1. @rootandrevel

    Root + Revel / Via Instagram: @rootandrevel

    With an emphasis on living well without sacrifice, @rootandrevel offers to-die-for whole food recipes, DIY beauty tutorials, clean living inspo and so much more -- all thanks to founder Kate who reversed several chronic medical conditions through clean eating and holistic living (and not a single Rx!). Follow here.

    2. @shutthekaleup

    Shut The Kale Up / Via Instagram: @shutthekaleup

    @shutthekaleup is the candid healthy-eating, fitness- and yoga-loving account you need in your life. Come for the delicious looking superfood bowls, stay for the cute cameos of her little boy "bub". Follow here.

    3. @loveandlemons

    Love and Lemons / Via Instagram: @loveandlemons

    Bright and colorful plates (I mean look at them ^) that occasionally contain meat and are often finished with a squeeze of lemon. Follow here.

    4. @franceslrothrd

    Frances Largeman-Roth / Via Instagram: @franceslrothrd

    This registered dietitian, recipe developer and active mom of three is all about eating colorful whole foods, fitting in a daily workout and indulging in the occasional treat, be it some chocolate or a pedicure. She's also got some great tips on getting the little ones to eat their veggies! Follow here.

    5. @minimalistbaker

    Minimalist Baker / Via Instagram: @minimalistbaker

    Sweet and savory desserts, breakfasts, entrees and sides that are mostly plant-based and gluten-free, plus they require 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl, or 30 minutes max to prepare. What more could you want? Follow here.

    6. @realfoodology

    Realfoodology / Via Instagram: @realfoodology

    Led by a nutrition science student, @realfoodology throws diets out the window to focus on real food that tastes great (and she's got a guilt-free alternative to Chipotle's burrito bowl, just sayin'). Follow here.

    7. @sproutedkitchen

    Sprouted Kitchen / Via Instagram: @sproutedkitchen

    That waffle (top right) is reason enough to follow @sproutedkitchen, but in case you need more, these recipes are all about seasonal produce, natural ingredients and simplified cooking. (But seriously, do you SEE that waffle?!) Follow here.

    8. @livesimplymom

    Live Simply / Via Instagram: @livesimplymom

    Farm-fresh meals, DIY products for the body and home plus endless tips for living a more simplified life. Follow here.

    9. @recipestonourish

    Recipes to Nourish / Via Instagram: @recipestonourish

    An ex-vegan/vegetarian turned "conscientious omnivore", @recipestonourish is chockfull of recipes that are fresh, nutrient-dense and pesticide-free. Follow here.

    10. @sexyfoodtherapy

    Sexy Food Therapy / Via Instagram: @sexyfoodtherapy

    Recipes and other healthy living tips to ease hormone imbalances and digestion woes, and above all help you feel sexy from the inside out. Follow here.

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