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11 Kids Who Are Definitely On The Naughty List

Didn't even need to check it twice.

1. Michael

Getty Images/iStockphoto Jani Bryson

Reason: Sorry, Michael but you have a bad attitude.

2. Steven.

Getty Images/iStockphoto Valua Vitaly

Reason: Get some class and start spelling it with a "ph".

3. Susan

Getty Images/iStockphoto karelnoppe

Reason: She didn't write me a thank you note last year.

4. Lorenzo

Getty Images/iStockphoto michaeljung

Reason: SMUG AF. I bet his parents are going to call me about how he's on the naughty list. WELL, RAISE A LESS SMUG CHILD THEN, MR. AND MRS. PETERSON.

5. Charlie

Getty Images/iStockphoto BrianAJackson

Reason: You lied to yourself about your height, Charlie and that's the worst of all.

6. Lauren

Getty Images/Blend Images John Lund/Sarto Harrison

Reason: Questioned the physics behind reindeer flying so I question the physics behind her getting any presents.

7. Brian

Getty Images/iStockphoto monkeybusinessimages

Reason: Honestly, Brian is probably fine but his parents move around a lot and I have no idea where he is this year.

8. Cindy

Getty Images/iStockphoto karelnoppe

Reason: She knows what she did.

9. Darren

Getty Images Rayes

Reason: He doesn't even know who I am.

10. Lynette

Getty Images/iStockphoto Andreas Rodriguez

Reason: Cried when I told her the mall Santas weren't the real ones. Now tells everyone I'm not real at all.

11. Cheryl

Getty Images/iStockphoto monkeybusinessimages

Reason: She gave me oatmeal raisin cookies last year. Also, I just don't like her.

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