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4 Ways To Celebrate Your Nerdom: Milwaukee Edition

We all like to let our freak flag fly and my favorite place to do that was my former hometown, Milwaukee. So put on your Nike Air Mags, grab a glass of blue milk, and find some new ways to celebrate being a nerd.

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1. LISTEN: Who's Doing What Now (Podcast)


This hilarious and funny comedy podcast takes a look at each episode of Doctor Who. Local comedy geniuses Vince, Beth, and Kris take us on a chronological journey though time and space. If you're looking for a good way to get into Doctor Who- this is a perfect introduction. Allons Y!

2. WATCH: No Dice: Improv DnD


With the popularity of shows like Harmonquest, DnD is enjoying a major comeback.

No Dice: Improv DnD recreates the experience of a tabletop role playing game, live and on stage with some of Milwaukee's best improv comedians. This is an improv experience like no other. Gamemaster James Boland keeps the action coming your way and they have live shows all the time, just swing over to for more information.

3. EAT: 42 Ale House


42 Lounge is a great place to grab a drink, but for my money I prefer the larger space that 42 Ale House provides. Marketed as "A Geeky Pub" They have food and drinks based off of whatever tickles your nerd fancy. As a bonus, they are always hosting events that have a little something for everyone.

4. SHOP: American Science and Surplus


This place has everything- WWII memorabilia, Toys, Activity Kits, and everything in between. While is isn't strictly steeped in geek culture like comics or cult movies it has a distinct cache of hidden treasures that will make you feel like you've stumbled into some kind of 80s movie where you could build a person.

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