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Transportation and Hotel Reservations

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Transportation and Hotel Reservations

It’s the last month of the year and the holidays are fast approaching. As Christmas draws nigh, you may want to go on an affordable trip with your family, spouse friends or solo. Traveling most especially in groups could be cost intensive. Nevertheless the comfortable wheels of a rented car and good quality cashback hotels are one trusted way of upsetting the bills of traveling in groups. Why you should rent a car for your next vacation There are several ways to embark on a trip; flight, bus, train, taxi etc. Each of them having their advantages and disadvantages. However, car hire is one very effective and convenient medium to adopt while embarking on that journey. Thousands of people take advantage of car rental services every day. Consequently there are many benefits that people derive from car rental services when traveling for business or pleasure. Listed below are important points for your consideration as you plan the next vacation adventure.

Tips to Booking Quality Hotels at Low Prices

Do you too!!! Have you ever booked a hotel that seemed good, but on getting to the hotel room, you were disappointed. Personally, I’ve had that experience during one of my trips. I booked one of the cheapest hotels in the city through hotel booking center. The majority of the photos showed nice rooms so I was pretty confident that I got a good deal. Unfortunately, we were staying on the top floor where the rooms were outdated. On the page of the hotel, a photo was posted once and hidden by the pictures of the beautiful rooms … In short, it wasn’t a good experience, but it served as a lesson!!!

Tips for finding a cheap but good quality cashback hotels

1. Take time to compare offers before booking: Do not rush on the first hotel that appears on our screen but take the time to look for the best that satisfies your needs. Some hotel residences pay the sites like Booking or to appear at the top of their search results therefore, we see these hotels pop up first on our screen but that doesn’t mean that they are the most interesting offers. The ideal is to perform a comparison between all the accommodation offered by their comfort (number of stars) to their geographical location (close or not downtown), their prices and services offered (breakfast -Lunch, leisure).

2. View reviews of guests who have stayed at the hotel: Finding as much as you can about the hotel you have spotted is a must-see step before booking an overnight stay. For this, it is advisable to look for information on the web.

First, you can do goggle search by writing “opinion hotel ABC…” we certainly get valuable information.

Then you can go on Tripindicator. Review of previous customers are very interesting and provide valuable information. The only downside is, these reviews are not 100% certified (there may be smart little people who note their own hotel to improve their rating) but overall it’s advisable to always read very consistent reviews as they help a great deal.

3. Make reservations at the right time: Must I book my hotel the night in advance or is it better to choose a hotel on site, without having to book prior to embarking on the journey? Personally, I always reserve a few days or weeks before leaving on a vacation. Please take note, if you are leaving during the high tourist season, do not take the risk of being left without accommodation once you arrive, ensure you validate your hotel at least a night in before departure. And even if you travel outside the high season, it is still better to book in advance, this will help you avoid bad surprises (more rooms available, the price is not clearly displayed in the hotel hence you went to the most expensive hotel in the city without knowing it …).

So how long before departure is it advisable to book a hotel?

I think it’s best to book your hotel as soon as possible. Indeed, if you look at the offers a few months before departure, all the hotels would still be having available rooms and this gives you the luxury of a number of choices, thus the hotels that offers the best quality/price ratio will be proposed. However if you leave during the high season in a tourist area, do not expect to benefit from the last minute rush.

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