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This Is How You Know Your Home Needs Insulation

Like most home improvement projects, insulation is popular because it increases home comfort and property value. However, there still are a lot of people who aren’t sure when and if they need it.

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The short answer to this dilemma is that you need insulation anyway, no matter where you live, because it lowers energy costs and gets rid of many thermal problems. Statistics speak for themselves; for example, the UK alone have reported increasing levels of insulation, not just among newly built properties, but also among older ones. Insulation is definitely a project worth every penny, but how do you know you need it in the first place? Check for these signs and you’ll find out.

Temperature fluctuations

Ideally, the temperature in your home should be steady. There shouldn’t be fluctuations from room to room or at different times of day. If the living room is comfy and warm, but you need to add an extra layer while sitting in the kitchen, then you need to insulate your home. Insulation creates a thermal barrier between the interior and exterior of a house, so there will no longer be a heat exchange. As a result, you will have the same temperature in all rooms, all day long!

Ice buildup during winter

Have you ever sat by the windowsill in winter and noticed that there is ice buildup on the glass? This happens because there is a crack where the cold air gets through. So, no matter if you turn up the thermostat, those tiny ice flakes will still be there. The specialists at Great Northern Insulation say that these small cracks around windows are more harmful than they look, so they should be covered as soon as possible to prevent heat exchange during winter.

Drafty home

If you feel a chilly draft, but all the windows and doors are closed, then your house is in urgent need of insulation. The problem with drafts usually occurs in old houses that were built from 1900s on. At that time, building regulations and materials were completely different from today, so even if your period mansion is incredibly sturdy and beautiful, it’s not energy efficient. As long you feel the wind inside your house, you are wasting money. Forget about placing blankets under the front door to prevent the draft. The only sustainable, long term solution for drafts is to add insulation.

High energy bills

In general, high energy bills are one of the main reasons that convince people to call an insulation company. Why? Because a family can get used to living in a cold or drafty home, but nobody likes spending abnormal amounts of money on bills without enjoying thermal comfort. If your HVAC appliances run 24/7 and your bills are really high, then invest in insulation. It will cost some money, but the project will pay for itself because insulation will lead to lower energy bills. Struggling with monthly costs is not a viable long-term plan, because you will be stuck in a vicious circle. Learn to spend money wisely and eliminate the root of the problem!

Cold walls and floors

One of the most common beliefs among homeowners is that the floor is not place for sitting, because it’s cold. However, floors should not be cold. Their temperature should be comfortable enough for a child to play on it without catching a cold or for someone to stand on it barefoot. If you can’t do either of these, then you need insulation. If the walls are cold too, then this project becomes all the more necessary. Not only will you be able to sit comfortably on the floor, but the rooms will get warmer too!

Basement and attic leaks

All the tiny cracks around windows and doors don’t just allow heat exchange. They also let the water in, which is worse. When it rains, water can settle in those cracks and from there is can lead to leaks in the basement and attic. Even if there are no visible leaks, that doesn’t mean your home is safe. If water infiltrates walls, it can weaken them in time and cause serious structural issues such as foundation and roof damage.

My home is insulated, but I still have one of these problems

If your house is insulated, but notice one or more of the signs above, then it has started to fail. As beneficial as insulation may be, it doesn’t last forever. Maybe the building was insulated many years ago, with materials and techniques that aren’t so effective today. Or maybe the material used wasn’t the best one for your needs. A home inspection from a professional will give you some insight into the state of the insulation and you’ll find out if it needs replacement.

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