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    Producer Electropoint Is Taking Over The Music Scene In NYC

    Producer Electropoint is taking over the music scene in NYC Electropoint (a.k.a Roman Molino Dunn)

    Electropoint (a.k.a Roman Molino Dunn) is a NYC music producer and film composer best known for his work at famed music recording and production studio Mirrortone Studios. He's composed music for major commercials and brands; from DKNY to Clinique to Michael Kors, his slick electro-pop tracks and lush classical compositions have been the backdrops for countless social media branded campaigns, web series, and films.

    As of late, it has not just been his commercial and film work that's been making waves; his work producing recording artists has been hitting the charts, too - and we mean literally. His recent collaborations with reality television personalities have made both the iTunes and Billboard Dance Charts. This April, Electropoint's remix of "Flawless" by Adam Barta and Dr. Miami reached #23 on the Billboard Dance Charts and climbed all the way to #9 on the iTunes Dance Charts.

    His latest production with VH1's DragRace drag queen Eureka O'Hara, "Body Positivity," premiered on Billboard and Entertainment Tonight on April 25th and can be found on iTunes. To keep an eye on Electropoint, find him here.

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