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5 Perfect New Way To Use Hot Rollers

Hot rollers are heating cylinders used to create curls in the hair. Typical hot roller sets include rollers, securing clips, and a box, or case, to heat everything in. The price of a hot roller set can range anywhere from thirty to fifty dollars, making it an incredibly affordable option.

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Hot rollers, we used to think, belonged specifically to the era of perfume atomizers, handheld decorative mirrors and those big movie star powder puffs. They will seem dated in our age of Alexa Chung and texture spray and blowout bars dedicated to ruining your hair. But then, like with all trends, fatigue set in.

Spending so much time to look like we spent barely any got old; we set out to find the midsection ground between resembling we'd primped for hours at our vanity in a silk robe and looking like we'd just thrown out of your bed. That's where hot rollers come in. But forget what your grandma taught you about them--this is the new way to get big, modern, cool waves.

Here, the key points to keep in mind, according to hairstylist Kattia Solano:

1. Make a deep aspect part.

"It's more glamorous than a center part." she says.

2. Polish the ends with a heat-protection serum first.

It is quitely easy to do damage with rollers if you may really know what you're doing or your hair is absolutely fragile. The draws to a close have to be smooth or else they'll crinkle in the heat

3. Rolling from the ends up is old school.

You will get a huge, heavy curl at the end, " says Solano, who advises starting with the roller at the top of the section and then wrap the hair around it so the ends usually are as tight.

4. The rollers should all be positioned vertically, not horizontally.

Side to side gives major, Marilyn Monroe volume; vertical gives a soft, loose, tousled effect. Roll those to the right and brush them out to the left.

5. Skip hairspray and finish with dry texturizing spray.

Modern waves should be less sleek and perfect.

Using a hot roller established can be easier than utilizing a traditional curling flat iron. After giving the rollers time to heat finished, take a part of hair roughly one-inch thick, wrap it firmly around a roller, and use a clip to secure it set up. End up being sure to hold rollers by their ends, to avoid burned fingers.

Repeat the process until the whole head of hair is folded. Beginning with the section of hair you wrapped first, remove the rollers one by one. The longer you allow the rollers to cool in your hair, the tighter the curl will be. You can't also afford to miss Hot Roller Review for best roller of your choice.

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