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5 Fun Facts About The Humble Bow Tie

Ah, the humble bow tie. From Shoreditch to Margate and all the other hip and happening locations in the UK, a revolution in neck wear is taking place. Offering no particular function, other than communicating much about its wearer, the bow tie is back with a bang in 2017. Long gone are the dour and dull, formal bows of yesterday and in with a swing are brightly coloured flights of fancy designed to add interest to any outfit.

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Whether you are wearing a bow tie to be to put the dip in your hipster prowess, or opting for a more traditional and dapper ensemble, there is a bow tie to suit every occasion. But did you know that the humble bow has its roots deeply entrenched in history and is much more than just a stuffy addition to an old fashioned outfit? Here are some fun facts about our friend the bow tie:

1.Dr Who helped to bring bow ties back to vogue

In 2010, a shiny young Dr Who graced our TV screens in the form of talented British actor, Matt Smith. After he sported a bow tie as part of his outlandish, time traveler costumer, sales in bow ties spiked with some shops reporting an increase of as much as 94%. In his first episode the actor himself declared “Bow ties are cool” and it seems like the world definitely agreed with him.

2. Bow ties are for the brainy

Well, actually they are for everyone, but throughout history, some of the most highly regarded academics, writers, scientists and politicians in the world have enjoyed a bit of bow tie wearing. Famous bow tie wearers include: Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill and Sigmund Freud to name but a few. So put your best brains forward with a bow tie to show off just how clever you are.

3. Bow ties have a practical advantage over traditional neck ties

Rather than just being a fancy addition to an outfit, some professionals chose to use a bow tie for practical reasons. Your doctor, for example, may have a penchant for the bow tie, over and above a neck tie, as it will not dangle down when examining patients. The same applies to professors as academics, as the lack of dangling prevents their neck attire from getting in the way of reading or writing at a desk.

4. There is more than one type of bow tie

Who knew? Above and beyond the stuffy bow tie you once wore to a formal occasion, you can now wear your knotted tie with a wide variety of outfits and styles. From the standard butterfly tie that works well for every occasion to the asymmetric modern look of the diamond point bow, every tie is different.

Perhaps you would consider a large butterfly for a contemporary twist on the traditional, or get your Godfather on with a batwing tie. Or finally, go all out and eccentric with a rare and unusual rounded bow tie to really wear your personality around your neck.

5. Bow ties are big business

With bow ties becoming such an increasingly popular additional to every man's wardrobe, specialist bow tie designers are cropping up all over the internet. Mrs Bow Tie for example, is a British brand that produces a wide variety of pre-tied or self-tie accessories in premium fabrics, available in a rainbow of colours and offering a wide range of designs. From weddings, proms and formals, through to everyday wear for the most dapper of dandies, Mrs Bow Tie can provide the perfect neck piece whatever your requirement.

So this season, wear your bow tie with pride and team it with jeans for your daily promenade, or stand out from the crowd with a smart suit and bow tie, to be one step ahead of the normal neck tie brigade.

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