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What Member Of The Leadership Team Are You?

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  1. How do you respond to emails?

    I have opened my email app exactly three (3) times
    My inbox is so full, but i still answer every single one because I'm a good person
    "Sharon have you checked the senate email recently?"
    My emails have been answered, my crops are thriving and my apartment is clean
    Bwa ha ha Emails are just part of the job (Wooshhh)
  2. Would you survive in the wild?

    Yes! I would tame a bear and ride it around!
    One time i lived outdoors for two months for fun
    Yes because I have "connections"
  3. What is your greatest strength?

    Sharing frustrating wisdom to help with decisions
    Always bringing your A+ game
    Being so organized you can predict the future
    Crying as a form of procrastination
    solving the worlds problems due to amazing delegation skillz
  4. Are you late?

    I have only been late if it's for a super important reason
    I actually am never late because there are two of me to go to everything
    I am always 10 minutes early
    I am late because of who I am as a person
    everyone else is early because I bring the party with me
  5. What is one accessory you can't live without?

    My snapback
    My scarf
    My statement necklace
    My sweater vest
    My watch
  6. are you an adult?

  7. Favorite Drink?

    Diet Pepsi
    Tea (From MIPS)
    Tea (From your backpack)
    I actually don't drink any liquid
  8. Do you like Senate?

  9. Please pick a photo of Beyoncé

What Member Of The Leadership Team Are You?

You got: Sharon

You are the mom friend we all love and need. Look out for the most professional yet dorky president, with more wisdom than anyone your age should have! Your outfit is always on point, and you're ready to make some bureaucratic changes with some awkward dance moves thrown in just to keep it real

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You got: Munaaaaaaa

You are the most chill and Lit Leadership team member. Not only do you sometimes wear your pajamas to class, you are always ready to drop a beat and/or take down injustice on campus. You win everyone's heart with your radiant personality, and your smile lights up the room.

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You got: M???

Bruh, how did we end up here? You are the go to commentator in any situation. Not only can your bad jokes diffuse any situation, you probably have so snacks to offer as well, just in case. Maybe you only own three pairs of pants, but you look great in all of them so shhhh, keep Rockin (hah) that style.

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You got: Deb

Congratulations, you are a real adult. The advice you give is worth more than a lifesize statue made of pure gold, but with the amount of people you've helped, a statue might be a good starting place to recognize the positive impact you've had on everyone who gets the privilege of meeting you.

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You got: Curt

Who's that mysterious person running from meeting to meeting faster than a speeding bullet??? It's you!!!! You hold the whole university together, and not everyone sees all the superhero work you do around campus, but we all see the benefits you stepping in to provide insight and save the day! Make sure to keep the sweater vest a part of your cape and mask disguise.

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