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    • MrMTH

      I’m not sure if its kinky if you are the only participant … but here we go. I woke up one morning and my underwear had ridden up really high at some point in the night, so high in fact that they had crushed my morning wood so tight to my body that my cock had pushed my balls out of the way and was nestled between my arsecheeks with the head of my dick poking quite insistantly against my arsehole. I had never even contemplated whether my dick could even reach there, so i was surprised - but i am also a young adult male with a healthy libido, a decent streak of curiosity and a rather demanding erection at this point, so i decide to indulge myself and grab the lube from next to my bed. After a bit of prep, fingering and coating myself with lube, and finding a decent angle i was able to push my cock into myself and slowly started to fuck my own hole with my own dick. It felt weird but good, like REALLY good. Needless to say i started really getting into it and decided to make it last so i put a cock ring on; after that i was able to cut loose and really started pounding myself with myself. I was so into it that i started to talk dirty to myself (and i never talk dirty usually),but the odd thing was i kept changing roles in my dirty talk: so one second i’m begging some imaginary stud to pound me harder and the next i’m calling myself a needy bitch. This all culminated with me calling myself daddy and shooting my load inside my own asshole in spite of the ring at an embarrassingly loud decibel. I found it so hot i couldn’t muster up energy to feel ashamed and decided to use my butt plug to keep my own cum inside me for the rest of the day while i went to university. It got me so horny remembering it i ended up pulling out the plug and fucking my hole again in the men’s library toilets using my own cum as lube. To this day i have no idea if anyone heard me when i was having my fun, but i didn’t get in trouble.

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