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    Why I Am The Marketing Guru For You

    Let’s face it, no one enjoys reading cover letters. My name is William Donovan and these are the 5 reasons why I am the right marketer for you.

    1. Yes, I have the credentials.

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    I hold an MBA and BS in marketing and even an AAS in Visual Communication Technology - Graphic Arts and Printing degree that I received in-between. I am a marketing guru with more than 6 years experience building brands with highly engaged consumers. As a community relations marketing manager I developed a digital activation strategy that resulted in a 20% increase in consumer engagement online within 1 year. As part of the strategy, I managed an agency, wrote creative briefs, led a cross-functional team, set social media key performance indicators, managed the marketing/programs budget and ensured consistent messaging and trademarks across all consumer touch points.

    2. I am a strategist.

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    My career has molded me into an marketing strategist, responsible for successfully building scalable marketing programs to drive trial, engaged consumers and market penetration. As an Associate Brand Manager Intern at Unilever I had the opportunity to develop a social marketing campaign strategy. I reviewed consumer analytics, analyzed the P&L and conducted market research to develop 3 concepts and then tested them for viability. I utilized the key takeaways and built a campaign that not only would increase brand awareness but also build brand equity and drive more engaged consumers.

    3. I am a master juggler.

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    Okay, I wouldn’t get hired at the circus, but I am a project manager. Currently as an executive team leader at Target, I lead a cross-functional team to push marketing programming/objectives forward, while managing the timelines and specific roles of all members. I balance marketing ideation, in-store product launches, driving consumer trials, and serving as a team resource for all things consumer. In turn, I have driven consumer affinity from a yellow score (or moderate engagement) of 88 points into a green score of 91 (or high engagement) year-to-date.

    4. I create.

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    I understand that engaging consumers means creating content that is interesting and exciting. Successful content creators also recognize that social content is an ever-evolving platform and falling behind in trends is not an option. As the marketing and public relations coordinator at the Division of Citizen Services I was responsible for content development. I managed the website, launched all social media brand pages, wrote digital and print copy, created the concept for the informational marketing video and designed all marketing collateral in alignment with the brand positioning. As a result of my work developing content across print, PR and social/digital platforms the Division’s brand awareness increased by 35% within 1 year.

    5. I am comfortable with ambiguity.

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    Since I was a child, I have taken every opportunity to challenge myself professionally, creatively and developmentally. I learned that my best ideas have resulted from being a trailblazer. While working on a global MBA team consulting project for a media company in Delhi, India, I developed a concept for a mobile application and a marketing strategy to drive active users of their technology. I presented this concept to senior leadership along with an analysis of their competitive landscape and their forecasted market share increase. There were many obstacles while completing the project namely working with a client across the world, managing changing priorities but mostly delivering a strong presentation despite a vague objective (How can we grow our market share?). I am proud to share that the presentation was not only well received, but an additional implementation strategy was requested (and delivered) to assist in the launch.

    There you have it! If you read this and thought, “I really need to speak to this guy”, I look forward to hearing from you! (