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Why You, Personally, Need To Be Rooting For Shani Davis In Sochi

The speedskater has a chance to do something no one else has ever done. Again.

This is Shani Davis.

Davis was raised by a single mother on the south side of Chicago, where he picked up a pair of skates and started rollerblading by the time he was two, fully immersing himself in ice skating by the time he was six.

Children are drawn to him.

Grownups admire his perfect smile.

Seriously, it's like I'm watching a toothpaste commercial.

(Here's the smile in action at the White House.)

He is, yes, like the character Frozone from The Incredibles.

Though Davis is less frequently threatened by lasers.

You might remember him from 2006.

Or 2010.

This could be his last Olympics.

He's coming back from an injury.

And he has an opportunity to re-write history, again.

And folks, that is not all.