Why Paul Rudd Is A Dream Come True For Every Man, Woman And Child

I love you, man.

1. Not to be overly dramatic or anything, but Paul Rudd is literally God’s gift to Earth.

Jeff Kravitz / Getty

2. Not only is he a great dad…

James Devaney / Getty

James Devaney / Getty


3. And presumably a joy to be around…

Ed Zurga / Getty

4. But he’s also a really good guy.

NBC NewsWire / Getty

5. Who knows how to have fun…

NBC / Via youtu.be

6. And turn up the heat…

NBC / Via youtu.be

7. Without taking himself too seriously.


8. He’s also been in some of the most memorable comedy movies of our generation.

9. Like Clueless

Paramount Pictures

10. Wet Hot American Summer

USA Films

11. Anchorman

DreamWorks Pictures

12. The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Universal Pictures

13. Knocked Up

Universal Pictures

14. And I Love You, Man.

DreamWorks Pictures

15. In addition to appearances in some of the best sitcoms in television history.

16. Like Friends

NBC / Warner Bros. Television

17. Parks and Recreation

NBCUniversal Television Distribution / Deedle-Dee Productions

18. And The Simpsons.

Fox / Getty

19. Plus, he’s been on Broadway.

Craig Barritt / Getty

20. And is always an absolute delight on talk shows and interviews.


21. Which means he has a lot of fans.

22. But he always finds time for them.

Mark Metcalfe / Getty

Rob Kim / Getty


23. And for giving back.

Mike Pont / Getty

24. And whether he’s clean shaven…

Jason Merritt / Getty

25. Rocking a hearty mustache…

Michael Loccisano / Getty

26. Or sporting a nicely trimmed beard…

Stephen Lovekin / Getty

27. Mr. Rudd has something for everyone.

28. Plus, he can totally pull off the whole “smiling without showing your teeth” look.

Theo Wargo / Getty

Lester Cohen / Getty


29. Even though that’s definitely not necessary.

Jason Merritt / Getty

Michael Loccisano / Getty


30. Which explains why women love him.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty

31. And men want to be him.

Bruce Glikas / Getty

32. And hold his hand.

J. Countess / Getty

33. And why everyone just wants to give him a big ol’ kiss.

BBC / Via youtu.be

34. Or a great big hug.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty

35. Yep, Paul Rudd is pretty much perfect.

Steve Granitz / Getty

36. In fact, the only thing wrong with Paul is that there aren’t two of him.

Mike Coppola / Getty

37. But, man, can you even imagine?!

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