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Which GIFs Belong In The Fail Hall Of Fame?

To be enshrined on the internet forever. FOREVER!

The slam dunk champion.

The forklift driver.

The kitchen planker.

The amateur robber.

The graduate.

The construction workers.

The fast and the furious.

The movers.

The baggage handler.

The blender.

The slide and the tramp.

The military buffer.

The tree jumper.

The snowy backflipper.

The pool jumper.

Lady luck.

Mr. Escalator.

The paintball shooter.

The deconstruction jumper.

The bleacher gymnast.

The rooftop baller.

The tabletop teammates.

The slippery dog owner.

The net-minder.

The runway model.

The carwash daredevil.

The best enemy ever.

The runaway.

The sign kicker.

The runaway motorcyclist.

The flaming butt.