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What Phone App Do You Wish Existed?

An app that lets you know if someone Snapchatted a picture of you.

Chances are, you've had an Aha! moment when a BRILLIANT app idea popped into your head...

There should be an app that you can type the ingredients you DO have into and it'll suggest a recipe for a simple meal. I'm so clever

Something that we all could definitely use...

There should be an app that goes through your Twitter feed and deletes spoilers for TV shows you haven't seen yet

Or maybe it was just something for you.

There should be an app that automatically unfollows people like Cody when any sort of game is on

But if you think you have an idea for an app that all of us would like, we want to hear about it.

there should be an app like über where u can request an ice cream man to come through ur neighborhood

Even if it's sort of impossible.

There should be an app like Shazam that you can hold up to people's heads to tell what they're thinking.

Tell us your app idea in the comments section below.