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We Squatted It Out For A Whole Month And Were Shocked At Our Transformations

Feel the burn.

Sure, squats can be kind of the worst. They're unpleasant, uncomfortable, and most of the time you're sore as hell the next day.

Watch these three people take on a 30 day squat challenge!

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That's why Spencer, Shannon, and Brenda agreed to do 100 squats a day (yep) for 30 days to see if they saw a visible difference in their bodies.

Spencer has dealt with body image issues for most of his life.

Meanwhile, Shannon said that her legs have always been so much bigger than her butt, so she wanted to see if stronger glutes led to having a bigger butt.

And Brenda felt like she had the body of a 13-year-old boy, so she was ready to go. She had her eyes set on the prize for sure.

It was day one, and they each had their own game plan on how to tackle the 100 squats.

Since Spencer already works out six times a week, he knew he could do the squats without a problem. So, he added weights to his squats to present more of a challenge.

On day two, Shannon and Spencer were feelin' it, while Brenda wasn't too sore.

By day four, Spencer felt like he could do more than 100 squats, while Shannon was super disappointed she was still at 80 squats a day.

On the sixth day, Brenda noticed her legs looked stronger, and her booty was tightening up and appeared a bit more uplifted. She was happy.

Spencer was also starting to see changes on his body, particularly his legs and butt.

As the rest of the days went by, Shannon said she got her squats in whenever she could.

By the end of the challenge, Brenda was amazed at her strength and said it was super cool to look in the mirror and love what she saw.

Meanwhile, Shannon said she felt a lot stronger, and was extremely proud of herself for being able to do 60 squats without a break.

By the end of the project, Spencer was prouder of his personal transformation than he was of his physical one. He felt really strong.

When it came time for the before and after photos, Brenda saw a major change, and was delighted to discover she had a bigger butt.

Spencer noticed his butt definitely looked more firm in the "after" photo, and his quads got bigger by half an inch, too.

When Shannon saw her pictures, she totally noticed that her butt had more definition and looked more raised than it did before.

See? The proof is in the pudding, guys. If you commit to the damn thing and stick with it, you're bound to see results.