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Tim Tebow Is Less Appealing To NFL Teams Than The Most Infamous Failure In League History

What is going on in the NFL?

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In case you haven't heard, JaMarcus Russell will work out for the Chicago Bears on Friday. Tim Tebow hasn't sniffed a job since getting cut by the Jets. More NFL teams are interested in a guy who derped himself out of the league via overeating and cough syrup abuse than Tim Tebow, who ran for 5 yards a carry and threw two touchdowns in a playoff game just a year and a half ago. Let that sink in for a second.

Sure, Tebow hasn't always been spectacular in the NFL, but he's demonstrated that he can be an effective runner and complete basic passes. There is room for players like this (Brad Smith, Ronnie Brown) in the league. Russell hasn't even played a down of football in the NFL since 2009. So why is JaMarcus getting the tryout over Tim? What do these scouts see in Russell that they don't in Tebow?


It just doesn't make sense. It must have been the haircut.