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    This Is What Happens When Your Parents Have Great Genes

    Staal brother powers, ACTIVATE!

    Last night, something really unique happened...

    Jordan Staal...

    Chris Seward/Raleigh News & Observer/MCT

    And Eric Staal...

    Grant Halverson / Getty Images

    Played with their little brother Jared Staal, who was making his NHL debut.

    Grant Halverson / Getty Images

    And all three brothers started on the same line for the Carolina Hurricanes.

    Grant Halverson / Getty Images

    Forming the Staal Brothers Trifecta of Awesome-ness.

    Grant Halverson / Getty Images

    Hey, their numbers are 11, 12, and 13. So cute.

    This historic moment (just the fourth time three brothers have played a game for the same NHL team) came after Jared Staal was called up from the AHL on Wednesday, and in a surprise move by coach Kirk Muller, put on the starting front line with his brothers Thursday night.

    And as fate would have it, the three brothers played against the New York Rangers...

    Ray Stubblebine / Reuters

    Where their other brother Marc Staal plays.

    Elsa / Getty Images

    Unfortunately, Marc has been out with an eye injury, so he was not able to enter the game. But if that did happen, I think the world would have exploded or something. Just too much Staal power in one place.

    Grant Halverson / Getty Images

    Umm, guys, you're out of order.